What We're About

Our Mission

At FN Lids, our goal is to deliver top-tier, personalized designs on your preferred shirts and hats. We are dedicated to offering bold, no-nonsense apparel that guarantees to make a statement wherever you go.

Our Commitment

We are unwavering in our dedication to providing you with 100% authentic work. We reject the notion of half-hearted efforts in crafting our shirts and hats. Since our inception in 2013 as a custom garment community, we have consistently offered our customers nothing but the finest quality.

Our Values

All of us at FN Lids take pride in being American citizens, cherishing the values of freedom and expressing eternal gratitude to those who safeguard it. However, we also embrace a lighthearted approach. If you're not comfortable with bold humor, you might find that we're not the perfect match in terms of sensibilities.

The Beginning

In the early days of FN Lids, Steph, a seasoned pro at crafting shirts, found herself at a crossroads when her fiancé's construction business, a pillar of strength for over 25 years, faced the tough challenges of the Covid pandemic. But instead of wallowing in defeat after shutting down the business, he and a key team member took a stand, uniting to express their values through a one-of-a-kind line of clothing.

Carefully stepping into the public eye at various shows, they discovered a shared connection with countless individuals who not only echoed their sentiments but eagerly embraced the expressive apparel. Fueled by this unexpected success, they decided to be a beacon of individuality, proudly setting themselves apart from the rest. A defining moment came when they expanded their offerings, introducing a captivating line of hats that propelled FN Lids to new heights.

Fast forward three years and almost a hundred shows, FN Lids, riding a wave of undeniable momentum, took a bold step into the online world, making their distinctive products available to a global audience. The FN Lids saga isn't just a tale of overcoming challenges; it's a narrative of transforming adversity into a powerful, creative force that resonates with folks around the world. It's about standing tall and staying true to our values, just like the American spirit we hold dear.

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